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Chairman of magistrates Ian Wedge quipped back: not sure about

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monlcer down jackets I catch my first sight of fishing moncler usa in banned water just after dusk cheap moncler jackets mens in Grand Isle, on the southern tip of Louisiana. Bryan Casey and a couple of friends are out behind his RV, fishing poles in moncler outlet sale hand. They aren’t selling anything. Would ask he be allowed to adopt the practice for the duration of proceedings, as he takes that requirement very seriously. moncler outlet Chairman of magistrates Ian Wedge quipped back: not sure about that I think I will take advice on that when I come back. Magistrates later accepted the request allowing him to leave the dock before the magistrates retired to avoid any conflict with Deghayes’ Muslim religion.Deghayes was in court for a trial during which he was accused of punching Adel Raiashy at the mosque on June 20 last year during the holy month of Ramadan.The prosecution told the court worshippers were eating at 3am in the morning when mosque chairman Deghayes started shouting at Mr Raiashy for parking on double yellow lines outside the mosque.Mr Raiashy then alleged he was punched in the face and mouth causing him to have cuts to his lip, before the fight was broken up.He uk moncler outlet told the court: lifted his left moncler sale hand, he clenched it and he hit me in my face. monlcer down jackets

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